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SaaS - Software as a Service

We would also rhyme conversions because for this client we got 2000 of them in 90 Days. Yes, you read that well 22 conversions daily.

Cost of conversion was lower by 4.88 percent and we can report an increase of Click Through Rate by 144.83 percent Within a 3-month period.

This may be the best example of what it means to work with a team that has a proven record, is fully certified by Google that is using industry-standard technology. 

Flower Shop

An Excellent Example of what Clickem does for a company that has ads already running and is not satisfied with their campaign management . Previous Agency gave them average results but non the less you can see an example of you can always do better!

A Decrease In Cost Per Conversion is obvious and states that we have a 40.12 % decrease in Conversion cost within 90 days of campaign management.

Number Of conversions is increased by 12.22 % on a monthly basis which translates to 34 conversions more per month for Search Campaigns. Conversion rate has increased by 58.64 in a month.

Ecommerce Shop

From a barely breaking even campaign to a fully functioning e-commerce shop that brings in a lot of profit. This client was running a shopping campaign that wasn’t very functional. Clickem has managed to improve all the metrics in a month and make the shopping campaign fully functional. 

The cost of the Ecommerce Campaign is lower by 40.68 percent in a month which translates to 238 USD saved with better results. We have 25 more conversions in a month than the previous company which translates to an increase of 143.76 % more conversions. Conversion Value / Cost – Is Increased by 183.49 percent on a 90-day basis, and the previous company was just barely breaking even with its Ecommerce campaigns.


Patience is a virtue – Knowledge is the key – Clickem Is The right Choice.

We Are exceptionally proud of this campaign because it’s an education-based campaign that helps young Americans prepare for SAT tests.

It pays to be backed by knowledge and have the right skills for the job and our experts proved that by having an increase in conversions by 900% in a month. Also, we managed to decrease the Cost Per Conversion by 75.45 % starting from 101 USD and getting it to 24.79 USD in 180 days.

Automotive Industry

Have You Ever Called Your Google Ads Agency To Stop showing Ads?

Well, Clickem has a client that did!

In March of 2022, we got a call to pause certain campaigns because they can’t keep up with all the conversions that we are bringing them. This is a client whose trust we earned and kept for over a year, and in that year we managed to get them to be the biggest mechanic shop in their area.

515 Conversions In 180 Days with a conversion rate of 16.88 percent on all search campaigns.

The cost per conversion is 18.78 USD and Clickem has managed to lower it by 37.34 percent in half a year.

Dental Clinic

When we say we are a worldwide company we mean it. This is a metric sample for our client from Singapore. The Client Was Having Issues By Having a High Cost per conversion and the click through rate was horrible. 

Within the first month, we can report having 256.25 % more conversions.Click-Through Rate Has Improved By 411.11 % in 30 days.

Cost Per Conversion Is lower By 81.55 Percent in 90 days of Clickem management, which translates to 124 USD spent less per every conversion. 

Niche Business

If you have a niche service like our client did besides being a great closer you will probably have the same results. We managed to bring in over 400 customers to our client in the first 60 days of campaign management. Since the beginning to advertise in July of 2021, Google ads continue to be a vital source of the business.

Our cooperation Increased the number of monthly conversions by 120.77 percent which by number is 74 conversions more with Clickem management and landing page design. The conversion rate has increased by 22.8 percent and the Conversion Cost has decreased by 22.6 percent.

Pest control company

We managed to get over 250 qualified leads in a 90-day period for our partners in the USA.

So far, we are thrilled with the amount of business generated in such a short period of time. The company was unmatched in its online presence.

It’s exciting for results to happen so quickly, but when a business with solid operations and sufficient adaptability to collaborate with experts on digital advertising—success is just a matter of time. As this client’s campaign continues to optimize, we are nothing but optimistic about making a bigger impact this season.

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